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Botanic Bites exists for one reason only:

We make it easy for people to enjoy Damn good healthy food & Change the World one Bite at a Time!










At the basement of the old archive

Our story begins in 2016 in the abandoned cellar of the former archive of Eindhoven The Netherlands growing oyster mushrooms on coffee waste. We were so enthousiast that you can grow beautiful, delicious and nutritious fungi on local agricultural waste and even on coffee, that within a few months we grew nothing less than nine different sorts of exotic mushrooms.

tackle local food waste

Soon we learnt how much food is already wasted at the beginning of the food chain: at the farms. We ended our fantastic adventure as mushroom growers and connected directly with the farmers around us. We created our first innovative products using local residual streams like tomatoes, black carrots and the stems of various mushrooms, fighting food waste at the same time.

More and more farmers contacted us wanting to collaborate and contribute to a future proof food system. For example, at the beginning of the corona crisis we rescued 1000kg of king oyster mushrooms which where supposed to be served  at the best restaurants in and outside The Netherlands but had to close down during the lock down. Within one week we turned them into delicious burgers, snacks and sausages and delivered them in bbq boxes throughout the whole country directly to our enthousiast customers.

Food Innovation at high speed

Nowadays we still use as much residual streams as possible but also work with other beneficial ingredients like local seaweed, pulses and grains. Next to clean, healthy ingredients and the use of less salt we aim for minimal processing in order to create the most delicious food products. With all our passion we innovate at high speed creating new delicious products and tackle social issues at the same time.  We are very proud that our work has been rewarded several times, for example with the 'Organic Food against Climate Change' award or during the 'Amsterdam Food Pitch'.  


There is always something tasty cooking up in our kitchen in order to contribute to a more delicious, healthy and sustainable tomorrow.

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June 2017


'Organic Food against Climate Change'

Frikandel competition 'Fri-kandel with the most vision for the future' with star chef Dick Middelweerd


European Food Heroes Award

September 2016
Lancering Botanic Bites during Dutch Design Week
October 2018
Dutch Design Week - Longest Plant based Sausage in the World
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Food 100 Voedselverbe-teraars / Food improvers

June 2019 Winner 'Amsterdam Food Pitch - Most delicious & sustainable product'

One of the most innovative companies of NL

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