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It's all about the fire, the beer and of course, the bbq. This box is stuffed with the best damn good plant food. All you have to do is burn those stripes on there, top with delicious sauce like the cheese sauce by Willicroft and enjoy!

4 Fungi Friday Shroom burgers

250g Grillworst/ Grilled Sausage made from Eryngii, (Eryngii for me is the most delicious mushroom, also called the king oyster mushroom)

4 Spannish pulled carrot burgers

280g This is not Cheese Sauce by Willicroft

360g Zwarma - our festival hit; Shawarma made from 'Zwammen'/ shrooms (4 portions)

360g Zpekjes / Fungi Bacon (4 portions)


Order now. Delivery starts 2.april. Everything is delivered frozen and can stay for a year in the freezer.

We usually will send orders on thursday so you receive them on friday. If you are not at home and whish to arrange a different time, let us know.

Sending frozen food is not cheap, should we share the costs, that makes 5 euro for you and the rest for us.

Fungi Friday BBQ Box

€ 39,00Price