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Is everything vegan?

Yep. This is so natural to us that sometime we forget to mention.

Is everything gluten-free?

Most of our products are gluten-free, the oyster mushroom burger and grill sausage contain gluten though.

Do you ship abroad?

At the moment our webshop only delivers within The Netherlands. However, orders of professional clients in the food service or retail we also ship abroad. If you live abroad let us know, maybe there is a business near you which is interested in carrying our products. Win Win.


Discover our selling points here.

Can you come with your food truck to our event?

Sure, tell us more about it!

Do you source everything local?

We do our very best. That's why we love fungi so much, they grow on local agricultural waste and are rich in nutritions at the same time.

Are all products clean label?

Quite a few of them are, like Fungi Shoarma (Zwarma), Fungi Bacon (Zpekjes), Pulled Fungi (Pulled Paddo) and we're already cooking up more new bites in the kitchen.

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