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Meaty Fungi

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MEATY FUNGI PIECES; natural & clean label, sous vide  

For satay, gyros, shawarma, wok, stews, toppings for pizza, pasta, salads and wraps 


MEATY FUNGI MINCE; natural & clean label, sous vide

Use for (bolognese-) sauce, stews, tapenade, dip, vegan and hybride products

MEATY FUNGI PULLED; natural & clean label, sous vide

For stews, currys and other pot roasts

MEATY FUNGI UMAMI PIECES; marinated with black garlic and soy sauce, sous vide

Use for satay, gyros, shawarma, wok, stews, toppings for pizza, pasta, salads and wraps 

Because fungi is the most meaty & delicious plant-food on the planet.

Many people like to discover new tasty, healthy plant based foods in order to reduce meat consumption. However, often they find meat replacers dry, over processed and full of additives.

Meaty Fungi is made from the most meaty part of mushrooms. It is delicious, natural and ready to use in all kinds of dishes, think of pizza, pasta, salads, curry's, stews, satay, shawarma, gyros... 

Our key partners are our farmers. We work closely together avoiding food waste as much as possible. For our delicious and convenient foods we only use plant based ingredients.
These are our tasty snacks and burgers made from rescued veggies:

  • Meaty Fungi Satay

  • Meaty Fungi Snack Balls 

  • Dutch Meaty Fungi Balls and Burgers 

  • Spanish Tomato Burgers and Snack Balls 

  • Carrot Burgers

  • Pumpkin Burgers 


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