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We are so very happy to launch our new EASY VEGAN meal makers today, on world vegan day! EASY VEGAN brings the most delicious meals from around the world directly to your table. The meals are precooked and full of taste without using any additives.


We believe that deep inside everybody not only wants to eat good food but wants to do good as well. It's just not always easy in your daily life. Our mission is to make the 'best choice' as easy and accessible as possible. Eating tasty food and helping your health, the planet and animal welfare at the same time. That should always be the most alluring choice.

The EASY VEGAN meals are full of veggies and nutritious mushrooms or legumes that are partly obtained from residual streams, who are then marinated and slowly precooked sous vide. With this method all the delicious flavours and nutritions remain inside. All you need to do is add a can of tomatoes / can of coconut milk / glass or red wine, heat up, and a delicious meal is served!


Want to be a tester? Use the code 'foodislove' and receive a 10% discount. We will send you a short list of questions and you can help us to get EASY VEGAN ready for the retail.

Order your EASY VEGAN meal makers here.


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If you love mushrooms, you'll love Botanic Bites! Zwarma made from resqued oyster stems. It doesn't only sound good but it's so delicious as well! And you're helping fight food waste. That's a WIN WIN WIN situaton. Yes, I'm fan!

—  Amy, Vegan NL Products


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