We love FUNGI! 

Why? Because fungi is full of savoury taste (umami), has a natural meaty bite 

and a super low ecological footprint.

Our Promise:    



We aim to make the most tasty and juicy products based on natural ingredients and keep exploring the possibilities of fungi and fermentation in order to reach this goal.


               Affordable Convenience      


Our products are ready to heat and/or ready to eat and available for a large and various group of customers.


               Lowest Ecological Footprint

We source our ingredients as local as possible and keep rescuing unwanted parts of veggies and fungi as much as we can.

Our Fungi Food:                                                




Oyster Mushroom Burger

Shroom Shoarma Burger  

Pulled Shrooms Burger

Tomato & Champignon Burger                             




Oyster Mushroom & Seaweed                             




Shroom Shawarma Pieces

Kebab Pieces

Gyros Pieces

Wok Pieces

Pulled Shrooms

Fungi Bacon                                                                    




Pulled Fungi

Italian Bolognese                                                         


We are high speed innovators. Next to our assortment above we develop various products for our clients. Are you up for a fungi adventure?

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 



Although we focus on supplying to food service and retail we also love to meet you guys directly at festivals or events and let you try our delicious Zwarma.


Any event missing this friendly comfort food?


Drop us a line.​

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Winner of   Amsterdam Food Pitch: 

Most Delicious & Sustainable Product 2019

De Voedselverbeteraars


European Food Heroes Award

Winner of the challenge 

'Organic Food against 

Climate Change'

by Impact Hub, Wessanen & Triodos Bank

It's all about DAMN GOOD FUNGI FOOD!


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